stop making the eyes at me i'll stop making the eyes at you

so berkeley. its pretty shweet. right now im sitting in stern, again, with patty and andrew. we're just hanging out doing work etc. the rugby boys are all checking out now. field hockey girls got here yesterday so there goes more tables in the dining hall. so berks pretty cool. we wake up go to brek go to class [25 minute walk to shattuck] for SAT. what a blast. with our cracked out teacher. those 909ers. then we come back to campus to have lunch hang out do work for afternoon classes etc. 430 is digi photo till 6 or earlier if shes nice.wwe chill etc. then dinner and evening activities. if we feel like not participating we go into town and walk around. tonight is the international themed dance cause the kids here are more international than american - turkish, spanish, chinese, japanese, french, etc. its awesome. saturday we're going to san fran for the day seeing the art museum for a bit and shppping of course sunday we're goign to a giants game which should be a lot of fun. im looking forward to the weekend thats for sure. so i cant believe i started this thing like 2 yrs ago. well now that wa sa quick update on whats going on so hopefully i'll be bac

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but i think its very dangerous if we do not take whats ours

so i think ive decided to restart my livejournal. currently, I'm in stern hall on the berkeley campus. surrounded by rugby boys. did I forget to mention that? yeah. rugby boys. its awesome. but they leave tmr =( anyway, berkeley is great. i love the people for the mostpart oh crap i need to go to dinner now but ill update later.

peace yall

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i hear the music when i look at you

70 days. damn straight.

so i just got home from taylors s16. fun time tayls you looked gorgeous if youre reading this. anyways busy busy weekend ahead. tmr get up at 930 have breakfast go to pump at 11 come home shower change etc go to jersey for grandmas birthday. supposed to go to mall with amy she cancelled so maybe go with someone otherwise find something else to do . sunday is jens s16. uhh also have an english essay to write, french test to correct french project euro chem math to study for :] yes. school is here to stay

hope everyone has a great weekend.

ps yay rcp. congrats on the last show to the srs

<3 remzel
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we need time to move on, time to let go

this week is so hectic , it is almost over woo!! tomorrow is friday and one more day closer to the 77 till im with 3 of my favorite people in the world.

ive had about 100 makeup tests this week and next week i have about 100 more regular ones. but it will all be ok because tmr we are playing a game with flashlights in gym hahaha.

friday after track im relaxing for a bit then i am babysitting.saturday is track then rob then doing work? seeing shes the man [yes i love amanda bynes] with kriegs and then who knows.

hope everyone is having a great week

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dont believe a word youve heard

so update: we're in the rochester airport . our flight has been delayed a little over an hour which is ok but i have a party tonight and right now i dont even have a ride so yeah, no idea whats going down.

DECA competition was fun. no, sadly i did not win anything but for my first year geting to states was really great so im happy. the deca disco last night was in a word, intense . we had a fun few days but now its time to go home. tonight like i said i have a party but im not sure whats going on. tomorrow im going to the mall with amy i think and then sleeping at her house. sunday is workworkwork then desperate and greys [sigh :: finally]

hope everyone had a great wednesday thru friday. GIRLS IN CALIFORNIA I MISS YOU SO MUCH !! i will be there so soon itll go by quite fast i think. june 1 baby.

hmm pzpzpzpz

♥ remzel
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cool nights never cooled us off

so back to livejournal, huh. its been a long long time. louisiana was great - n'awlins, scurvy, skeet , etc. love you guys and yes. the reunion will be sick as you all know. pictures at password: rhk790

in other news, i was sick last week so i missed a lot - this means im not going to see siddhartha off broadway tmr oh wait its 1111 make a wish. ... annd ok so im staying back in school to make up 4 quizzes and a test and then i have 4-5 frees. my parents leave tomorrow for puerto rico for their anniversary so my grandma is now here. i leave wednesday morning for deca state competition up in rochester and i hope to do well there.

oscars: they were great. go crash!!! so happy that won. one of the best movies i have ever seen. everyone looked gorgeous. i loved how michelle williams sat next to busy phillips, ah what a creek throwback (speaking of which ,season 6 on dvd april 6th. yes you know i am counting down)
books: the tenth circle by jodi picoult is out tomorrow and of course shes coming to my jcc on friday and i wont be here. very very pissed - and i finally finished the entire fearless series. it is amazing . and now i have to start fearless:fbi which i have the first 2.
music: very delayed but i got the fray cd , how to save a life , as well as voices by matchbook romance and life in slow motion by david gray. i am abusing my money.

hope all is well with everyone and ill try to update 1-2 a week

♥ to all
86 days till i meet again with my loves in cali wooo
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the static's where you'll find me

mmm again long time no update. my laptop is for shit. but it will just have to last another year and 1/2 . not too bad. all is well here i guess. today is valentine's day aka day of worldwide happiness or well, not for a lot of people. [if you are assuming i am part of the second group, you are correct] but life goes on

the past week or so has been busy lots of tests major blizzard here on long island and i went into the city for amalaalals birthday. she will be 16 on sunday woo ! last night and tonight was babysitting again because i love making my own money. its so satisfying.

yesterday was also the last louisiana meeting before the trip. parents were there we got our finalized itinerary and got pics taken from diffferent newspapers . this friday is back into the city for another birthday to-do. sunday im sleeping at nooseys or shes sleeping here then monday we are off to louisiana . oh how generous teenagers are these days.

alrighty loves

time for shout outs:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLYN (saturday) Love and miss you <333333333

107 till cali
6 till louisiana

again , happy valentine's day for those of you who are "celebrating" for those who arent, continue on in your normal lives and ignore everyone wearing red and eating chocolate getting roses delivered to class.
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